Who is MekaMan?

MekaMan is a SuperHero whom we all really need in our daily life.
He is the one who will crash your fears of repairing your lovely car!
He will be there on time to save you and your car whenever you need him.
He will always be there for you!

Your car crashed?

You have no energy to waste on repairing your car!
Your mom, wife or sister want you to repair their cars and you have no time?
The costs of repairing the car became extremely expensive?
Your car suddenly stopped?

Looking for a way to fix it?

Finding a trustworthy, professional and cost effective solution to have your car fixed is almost impossible. Local agents prices are exaggerated while passing by an unknown mechanic might not produce the best results. Adding to that is the hassle and wasted time and effort to go through such hectic process.

Just order MekaMan!

When you make an order to MekaMan, a representative from his team will visit you to check what is needed to repair the car, then he will receive it and make the needed work, then deliver it to you on the agreed upon delivery date. It's that simple!

Guaranteed Professional Service

MekaMan signs with you a contract when receiving the car that includes all terms and conditions, and the primary expected cost. MekaMan is fully responsible for the car and it is fully guaranteed during the time it is being repaired with us.

How to order MekaMan?

You can order MekaMan through different channels for your convenience.
Use the mobile app available on
Place an order on the website (www.mekaman.com)
Call 01112220515 from 9am till 9pm
Just order MekaMan and he will take care of the rest!

For more details check our brochure.
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